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RAZORBACK was founded way back in 1990 by Ripoll and Aguirre, and the band has since been one of the most durable rock outfits in Filipino music. Originally known for being regulars at the now-defunct Kalye, RAZORBACK have proven their onstage mettle many times over, via their own club gigs and full-scale concerts as well as for having opened for visiting sonic monsters such as Rage Against the Machine and Metallica.

Origin :Manila, Philippines

Genres :Alternative rock, Hard rock,Grunge, Heavy metal

Years Active :1990 – Present

Labels :Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Epic Records, Alpha Records

Associated Acts :Wolfgang, Lokomotiv, Kapatid, Pinikpikan

Kevin Roy (vocals)
Louie Talan (bass)
Brian Velasco (drums)
Tirso Ripoll (guitars)
Manuel Legarda (guitar)

Past members
Miguel Ortigas (drums)
David Aguirre (guitar)
Jose Mari Cuervo (vocals)
Razorback - Self Tittled Album (Double CD)

Double CD Album

In 2002, the band embarked on an ambitious project - an eponymously-titled double CD album. Razorback dispelled rumours that this is their final album, much to the relief of fans who have been on the receiving end of this anxiety-inducing piece of false information. The album starts out with "Minsan Lang". Diversity is evident, with songs ranging from classic rock, ("Minsan Lang", "Wakasan", "Dagat ng Pag-asa"), to Pink Floydesque tracks ("Puerto Jam", "Earthen Drum") and acoustic love songs ("Ditty", "Sixteen Days").

David Aguirre effectively left the band around 2003, after accepting an invitation by Wolf Gemora (formerly of Wolfgang) to play guitar for his new Southern California-based band, Lokomotiv.

Tracks :

CD 1

1. Minsan lang
2. Wakasan
3. Puerto jam
4. F#
5. Dagat ng pag-asa
6. Better than you
7. Earthen drum
8. Manna
9. Solo
10. Ditty

CD 2

1. Teacher
2. Aluminum highway #9
3. Will you still follow me
4. Mr. Floyd
5. Honey
6. Fever
7. 16 Days

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Razorback - Star


The third Razorback album, "Star", was released in 1998. The album produced the award winning video hit "Voodoo, Who Do?", plus other favorites such as "Tikman ang Ulan", "Pag-hihintay", and "Sa Gitna Ng Lahat". "Voodoo, Who Do?" would later on become part of the soundtrack of "Stone", a comic book by Filipino artist Whilce Portacio - along with tracks by such artists as Korn, Our Lady Peace, Incubus, as well as Filipino artists Chill and Wolfgang.

Some time after Star was released, David Aguirre went on hiatus, prompting some speculation that he was quitting the band for good. He returned in late 2000, to the delight of fans.

Tracks :

1. Star
2. Paghihintay
3. Tunay na kulay
4. Inflatable love thing
5. Firely
6. (Lucky, Lovin') Rapid tongue
7. Nakaturo sa'yo
8. Tikmanangulan
9. Freakshow fantasy
10. Voodoo, who do
11. Love uncovered
12. Sa gitna ng lahat
13. Tenderfoot

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Razorback - Beggar's Moon

Beggar's Moon

Founding member Miguel Ortigas soon decided to leave the band in March 1996, prompting the band to take on Brian Velasco. In 1997, the band released their second album entitled "Beggar's Moon" under Epic Records. It produced hits like "Payaso" and "Ikot Ng Mundo", the latter garnering an NU 107 Rock Awards Song of The Year nomination that year. Ripoll won Best Guitarist of the Year; Talan won the Best Bassist the following year. "Beggar's Moon" eventually went platinum.
One track off the Beggar's Moon album is entitled Of Hobbits and Pipeweed; perhaps a homage to J. R. R. Tolkien and his books The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Basti Artadi of Wolfgang shares credit for work done on the Beggar's Moon album art.

Tracks :

1. Munting paraiso
2. Payaso
3. As spicy as it gets
4. Ikot ng mundo
5. Beggar's moon tye dye sky
6. Seer of vision
7. Of hobbits & Pipeweed
8. Riddle
9. Temple
10. Goldenthroat (The electric mistress)
11. Lunatic

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Razorback - Hebigat Sounds Volume One

Hebigat Sounds Volume One

Razorback first began performing covers of legendary rockers such as Led Zeppelin and Juan Dela Cruz Band, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. The group was put together by drummer Miguel Ortigas and guitarists Tirso Ripoll and David Aguirre. Members of Razorback and Wolfgang used to jam onstage billed as the Flaming Hemorrhoids. Five years later, the band, composed of Kevin Roy on vocals, Ripoll and Aguirre on guitars, Ortigas on drums and Louie Talan on bass, released their debut album entitled "Hebigat Sounds Volume One". (Hebigat is a portmanteau, created by fusing the words Hebi, a play on the English word heavy, and the Filipino word bigat, literally, heavy.) The album contained such tracks as "Giyang", "Tabi ng Bulkan" and "Pepe D' Hepe".

David Aguirre is now the lead guitarist for the Southern California-based band 3 Headed Dog. Manuel Legarda, formerly of Wolfgang, has taken over his guitar duties for Razorback.

Tracks :

1. Tabi ng bulkan
2. Pepe the hepe
3. Let it rain
4. We gotta move
5. Walang silbi
6. Giyang
7. Summa cum laude
8. My bano song
9. Black hearted woman
10. Diwata

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Wolfgang's original lineup; from left to right:
Mon Legaspi, Wolf Gemora, Basti Artadi, And Manuel Legarda

Is a Filipino heavy metal, hard rock and grunge band formed around 1992 in Manila, Philippines. Wolfgang is notable for being the only Filipino rock band to release albums in Japan and the United States and for realizing Platinum record sales in their home country. The quartet went on hiatus in 2002, but reunited in 2007.

Vocalist Basti Artadi (born Sebastian Artadi) and drummer Wolf Gemora (born Leslie Gemora) began their musical careers with other local bands, while guitarist Manuel Legarda returned to the Philippines from living abroad in Spain. The three were inspired to form a band upon frequenting shows of another notable Filipino group, Razorback, who dubbed them the "Wolfpack". They later adopted the name for the band, "Wolfgang", upon the suggestion of David Aguirre, one of the guitarists of Razorback.
As much as music in the Philippines was and is greatly influenced by western artists, Wolfgang took their cue from Metallica, Soundgarden, Carlos Santana, Pearl Jam, The Doors, Black Sabbath, Sepultura, and their heroes Led Zeppelin, Trivium, Gorgoroth, cradle of filth, Pink Floyd and Aerosmith, among others. They began to play live gigs at the former Atrium and the defunct Kalye in Makati City. Bass players came and went until the arrival of Mon Legaspi (born Ramon Legaspi), which finally cemented the band's line-up. Their first big break came playing on Channel 29's RJ Junior Jam.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Mon Legaspi, Basti Artadi, Manuel Legarda and Francis Aquino


Origin : Manila, Philippines

Genres : Heavy metal, Hard rock, Grunge

Years Active : 1992 - 2002, 2007 - present

Labels : Ivory Records, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Semenelin Music

Associated Acts : Razorback, Lokomotiv, The Dawn, Brain Salad

Website :

Basti Artadi (Vocals)
Mon Legaspi (Bass)
Manuel Legarda (Guitars) (Lead Guitars)
Francis Aquino (Drums)

Past Member
Leslie "Wolf" Gemora (Drums)
Wolfgang - Villains


After a six-year hiatus, Wolfgang in December 2008 released their 7th studio album entitled Villains. They began working on the album in 2007, and most of the interaction between band members was done through e-mail. Wolf Gemora had stated that he would not play the drums for the songs included in this album because he was busy with his band, Lokomotiv.
On December 10, 2008, the band launched Villains at "The Black Christmas Project", a live performance at Eastwood City Central Plaza.
On March 19, 2009, they followed up with another live performance at the Music Museum entitled "Two Sides Live" along with Razorback. The band started off with an electric set then segued into an acoustic set midway with Tirso Ripoll on guitars and finished with yet another electric set. As a bonus to fans, the band also played seldom or never-before-heard-live songs like "I...," "A New Mother Nature" and "Cathedral Of Space."


1. R.P. deathsquad
2. Ibrahim
3. Nine
4. Soap
5. Intro
6. John of the cross
7. Kung gusto mo pa
8. Disaporma mama
9. The shaft
10. Navus is burning
11. Ladies and gentlemen

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Wolfgang - Black Mantra + Live Bootleg

Black Mantra

Wolfgang's fifth album, Black Mantra, a double-CD set, was released in August 2001 prior to their breakup in 2002. Its carrier single, "No Falter", was released earlier due to its inclusion in the Philippine-edition of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within soundtrack. The album also contained singles that became certified hits; songs like "Bow Unto Thee", "Idlip" and "Meckam".

Tracks :

1. Judas noose
2. Meckam
3. Trenta
4. Undertow
5. Bow unto thee
6. No falter
7. Shoulders
8. Bleed one away
9. Heaven spent
10. Idlip
11. Revolution

Wolfgang - Live Bootleg

Tracks :

1. I'm a mover
2. Wishing well
3. Message i a bottle
4. Bitch
5. Come together
6. Voodoo child
7. Giyang
8. Southern cross
9. Your time is gonna come

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Wolfgang - Acoustica


Is the first live album from the Filipino rock band, Wolfgang. The album was filmed and recorded on September 30, 2000 at the Music Museum in Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila.

Video Clip

Tracks :

1. Intro Center of the sun
2. Bought and sold
3. 24
4. Left alone
5. Anino
6. Atomica
7. Revenge of the killer falafe-Hell looks
8. Matter of time (With Radha)
9. She is my cain
10. Cast of clowns
11. Halik ni hudas (Jamming)
12. Aquarius

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Wolfgang - Serve In Silence

Serve In Silence

Wolfgang's fourth album, Serve in Silence, was released locally in March 1999, and saw a return to the style purveyed in 1996's Semenelin. Though another critical and commercial success, it did not, however, see international release.
Serve in Silence was nominated for Album of the Year at the 1999 NU107 Rock Awards, as well as for Best Album Packaging. Wolfgang was nominated for Artist/Band of the Year, and all four band members were nominated for individual awards: Basti Artadi for Vocalist of the Year, Manuel Legarda for Guitarist of the Year, Mon Legaspi for Bassist of the Year, and Wolf Gemora for Drummer of the Year. In addition, Wolfgang was nominated for Producer of the Year.
Serve in Silence tied for first place for Album of the Year, and Basti Artadi won again for Vocalist of the Year, his third overall win in this category. Wolfgang also won the Listener's Choice award.

Tracks :

1. Atomica
2. Man 98
3. Hiwaga
4. Anino
5. Ratz
6. Bassarabs walk
7. Serve in silence
8. Catinamosh
9. Tulisan
10. Ilang alon ang dala
11. Masters of war
12. Aquarius
13. A tonic reprise

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Wolfgang - Wurm


Wurm was released in late 1997. It reached platinum status (40,000 albums sold). The lower sales figure achieved when compared to Semenelin can perhaps be attributed in part to the downswing of the rock movement, which had started several years earlier. This, however, did nothing to diminish the standard set by Wurm, which was nominated at the 1998 NU107 Rock Awards for Album of the Year, which also saw Artadi winning his second Vocalist of the Year award, Gemora winning his second Drummer of the Year award, and Mon Legaspi also winning his second Bassist of the Year award. Wolfgang also took honors for Listener's Choice and Artist of the Year.
Wurm, which was recorded entirely in English, was released in early 1998 in Japan, the world's second-largest market for recorded music, and Wolfgang performed several shows in Japan to promote the album.

Tracks :

1. Sanctified
2. Alone
3. I.O.U.
4. 24
5. Molds
6. Hell looks
7. The last solar eclipse of the 21st century
(i. Path of totality ii. Return to the sun)

8. Bring down the godshead
9. She is my cain
10. Emperor worm
11. Aching tree
12. Twist of lime
13. A matter of time
14. Very free

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Wolgang - Semenelin


The band signed in 1996 with a major label, Epic of Sony Music Entertainment Philippines (SMEP). Wolfgang's first Epic release, Semenelin, reached at least double-platinum status (approximately 80,000 albums sold—Wolfgang would not allow SMEP to release precise figures, but does allow it to state if the album reached gold or platinum status). Wolfgang had become one of the most popular bands in the Philippines.
Semenelin was named Album of the Year at the 1996 NU107 Rock Awards, where Basti Artadi won Vocalist of the Year, Wolf Gemora took the Drummer of the Year award, Mon Legaspi took the Bassist of the Year award, and the band was named Artist of the Year and Best Live Performer.
Semenelin was released in the United States in an all-English version in March 1997, with two songs originally performed in Filipino re-recorded in English. The other tracks on Semenelin were originally recorded in English.

Tracks :

1. Love and despair
2. Bought and sold
3. I...
4. Mata ng diyos
5. Cathedral of space
6. Center of the sun
7. Beast
8. Weightless
9. Semenelin (a.Discovery b.Outbreak)
10.Blue 11
11.Mula sa kamandag
12.New mother nature - Verwirrung
14.Roadworthy man

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Wolfgang - Self Tittled Album

Debut album

Wolfgang submitted demos of two original compositions, "Darkness Fell" and "Left Alone", to local radio stations DWRT 99.5 and DWLA 105.9, which generated many listener requests. The band signed with Tone Def, the rock label of local independent Ivory Records. Wolfgang released its first album, the eponymous Wolfgang, in 1995. The band flexed their artistic skills recording the album, with Basti Artadi responsible for the cover art, rendering caricatures of himself and the other band members amidst earthy symbols, beer bottles and cigarettes, and Manuel Legarda using an electric fan to simulate an effect he had in mind for the song Cast of Clowns. Wolfgang went Platinum in less than a year.
At the 1995 NU107 Rock Awards, the country's premier rock awards show, Artadi was nominated for Vocalist of the Year, Gemora for Drummer of the Year, and Legarda for Guitarist of the Year. The band was nominated for Artist of the Year and Best Live Act. Legarda was named co-winner for Guitarist of the Year.

Tracks :

1. Arise
2. Halik ni hudas
3. What grows in your garden
4. As ocean
5. Cast of clowns
6. Natututlog kong mundo
7. Left alone
8. Darkness fell